Better Times Coming Soon

We wanted to let you know that in April, we climbed aboard a train (the first of several) and travelled all the way from the Swiss canton of Bern to breathtakingly beautiful Carmarthenshire in Wales, where we started recording our soon-to-be-released album at Martin Levan’s Red Kite Studio.

We were joined in the studio by some of our very favorite musicians/people: James Mackintosh (drums and percussion), Tim Harries (upright and electric bass), Tom Kimber (mandolin) and Simon Keegan-Phipps (piano, accordion, concertina, guitar and probably lots of other things).

In the meantime, we’ve flown in some guitar and bouzouki parts from the amazing John Doyle and added some dazzling playing from Nashville pedal steel great Bruce Bouton. And finally, the great English fiddler Sam Sweeney came to Wales and added a bit of musical colour in just the right places.

The three of us did all the vocals and added our own little instrumental flourishes here and there and we can’t wait to launch it. Watch this space!

From left: Tim Harries, James Mackintosh, Monika, Franz, Stephen, Martin Levan, Tom Kimber, and Simon Keegan-Phipps.