Stephen Ferron


My parents gave me a Silvertone guitar for Christmas when I was a shy ten-year-old living in Grand Junction, Colorado. It was an amazing time to be a new guitarist: the day after Christmas, “I Want to Hold Your Hand” by The Beatles was introduced in the United States. Peter, Paul & Mary had hits … Read more

Monika Brändli


When I was seven, I wrote a letter announcing to my mother and the world that I was going to be an ice dancer or a singer. While my progression as a Life Artist didn’t include ice dancing, the enthusiasm for singing remained and co-existed comfortably with my passions for nature, wildlife and teaching. As … Read more

Franz Andres Morrissey


Not being great at football (or soccer), I found that playing guitar in romantic settings was just as powerful a way to get girls to notice me. I got hooked by early Donovan songs, with a good helping of Bob Dylan and a bit later a heavy dose of Leonard Cohen, and all of these … Read more