Monika Brändli

When I was seven, I wrote a letter announcing to my mother and the world that I was going to be an ice dancer or a singer. While my progression as a Life Artist didn’t include ice dancing, the enthusiasm for singing remained and co-existed comfortably with my passions for nature, wildlife and teaching. As a child, I was quite taken by the music of Heintje (a guilty pleasure!) but that youthful enthusiasm gave way to songs whose lyrics were a bit deeper. I’ve always wanted to communicate the joy and emotion to others that music has given me. The songs I sing – around campfires, in the elementary schools where I’ve taught, and so on – tend to have messages I believe in. Over the years, I’ve been part of some rewarding musical adventures, including my work as half of Andy & MO, a duo that recorded and performed original pop music in Swiss German for kids. With Taradiddle, my musical aim is what it’s always been: to bring a bit of joy and harmony to the world.