Taradiddle on Tour 2024

When 2022 was almost history already, the long-awaited copies of our lovingly crafted album “Better Times” landed on our collective doorsteps, too late for Christmas sales and at the beginning of a new year that in various ways turned out to be busier than expected….

Meet the people behind Better Times!

We’re so proud of our shiny new album! We’d like to tell you a little bit about the people who helped your Taradiddle friends – Franz, Monika, and Stephen – bring it into the world. It was a group effort by a truly exceptional team…

Better Times Coming Soon

We wanted to let you know that in April, we climbed aboard a train (the first of several) and travelled all the way from the Swiss canton of Bern to breathtakingly beautiful Carmarthenshire in Wales, where we started recording our soon-to-be-released album at Martin Levan’s…