Taradiddle on Tour 2024

When 2022 was almost history already, the long-awaited copies of our lovingly crafted album “Better Times” landed on our collective doorsteps, too late for Christmas sales and at the beginning of a new year that in various ways turned out to be busier than expected. Together with this we found that venues and dates for a prospective CD launch were not that easy to come by, and squaring those with our individual schedules proved, shall we say, a challenge. And so it is only now that we get to take “Better Times” out on the road, an undertaking suitably named the “Oops, we forgot to launch our CD” tour. But we don’t do things by halves now, we double up on …

Taradiddle’s spring mini-tours: Switzerland and the UK!

All of us at Taradiddle World Headquarters are really excited about two tours we’re organizing for the coming spring.

Taradiddle (Plus) in Switzerland

In April, the first extended outing of our “Oops, we forgot to launch our CD” tour, we’ll be joined by the amazing Tom Kimber, who is coming all the way from Newcastle-on-Tyne in England. Tom’s breath-taking mandolin work features prominently on our Better Times CD. He is also a virtuoso on tenor guitar, mandola, octave mandolin and cittern and we can’t wait to play with him again. The first dates are listed on our concerts page and we’ll add others as they are confirmed.

Taradiddle (Plus) in the UK

In May, we’ll be doing a number of gigs in England and possibly Wales. This time, at least for some of the tour, our ranks will be swelled by virtuoso multi-instrumentalist and musical go-to person on our album, Simon Keegan-Phipps.

The final destination will be in Cumbria, in the Northwest. We are truly elated to have been invited to the Forgotten Lands Festival, taking place near Carlisle and within spitting distance of the Scottish border – not that we think spitting in that (or any other) direction is a good idea. The festival is hosted by Maddy Prior and her daughter Rose-Ellen Kemp, who will both also be performing with their Forgotten Lands Band. Maddy is nothing less than the Grand Dame of English Folk (Rock), the lead singer of the seminal folk-rock band Steeleye Span and one of the most important voices in all of folk for over half a century. Needless to say, we’re thrilled to be sharing a stage with one of our genre’s true icons. In the meantime, we’re talking to friends and negotiating with promoters to secure other gigs along our way to Cumbria and will post venues and dates on our Concerts page as soon as gigs are confirmed.